Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend fucktoy....

What do you pack when you get a trip away as a birthday present?

I suppose that would depend on the destination.

For me?? It was a kink-friendly, Dungeon/ Bed and Breakfast long weekend away.

Required packing therefore included corsets, sex toys, whips, chains, rope, dildo's, vibrators, blindfolds, crops and many other things I am sure I didn't even get to see.

This venue is like no other that I know of.

Imagine if you will,  private bedroom, with adjoining fully-equipped dungeon. En-suite. And double french doors out to a private garden complete with a St Andrews cross, cage and an old fashioned barber's type chair.

Sound like heaven yet??

Now add a private maid, well versed in all things kink, at our beck and call 24 hours of the day while we were there.

Cooked breakfast every morning.

Access to a library filled to the brim with kinky books.

A large screen TV, and enough porn to last me 5 years.

Sound like something out of a kink fairy tale?? It was.

Want more??

One of our hosts was a professional photographer.

This is one of over 150 images I came home with. 34 of those Sir and I picked as our favourites.

I am a very lucky slut.

I had one of the best weekends of my life.

I was toyed with.
Treated like a fucktoy.
Wore a chastity belt for the first time in my life.
Was chained naked in a dungeon.

All thanks to my Sir, who purchased the weekend away as a birthday present. Can't think of a present I have enjoyed more.

Thank you Sir. I love you, always.


  1. Wow! First...amazing pic! Second...YOU ARE SOOOOO LUCKY!!! What an amazing opportunity...what an amazing weekend...WOW!!!! Please tell us more!

    I would so love to do something like that. I didn't even know that places like that existed! Tell us more!!!!


  2. Thank you fiona.
    I sooo enjoyed my weekend, and despite us missing our kids, to have that amount of time away, where we could be "M/s" and or "D/s" whenever, however and constantly... it was amazing.
    Our hosts are a Gorean couple, but the type that does not force their beliefs on anyone. They are very much "each to their own", but at the same time, happy to swap stories and answer any questions about their Master/slave household.
    It was amazing.
    If you go... make sure you organise the photo shoot. We only have half hour between me deciding that's what I wanted, and actually doing it. Had I decided earlier, I would have had lots more pics, and Sir tells me next time we will have some taken during play.
    Email with more detail coming your way :)


  3. Ooh! A serious piece of heaven.
    Happy birthday!