Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Butt Plugs and Hitachi's...

I have decided to get a little healthier, walk more often, eat better, that kind of thing.

NO actual diet so to speak, just a get ready for summer, bikini, trim down kinda thing.

So yesterday I said to Master I was going for a walk.

I was told that He had thought about making me wear the butt plug while I went, but this time I could just remove panties and go commando under the pants instead.

The damn kids distracted me, and about 10 minutes into the walk, I thought OH FUCK!!.

Panties were still on.

I debated about finding a public toilet, or other secluded area to remove them, but since I had a child with me, I decided against it, and just continued on with the walk.

When I returned home, I admitted that I had forgotten to remove them as I had been instructed to.

Damn that gene I have which doesnt allow for white lies or a slight misleading of the truth. I KNEW if I didnt admit to forgetting, that I would lay awake later in the night, until it got the better of me and I would have gotten out of bed, sent an email admitting to the fact that I had forgotten, and then I would be in SOOO much trouble for not admitting to it at the time, that punishment would be worse, so I just did it. I admitted I forgot.

I was then swiftly instructed to go and place the medium sized butt plug in.
Which, by the way, has been named Mr Burrows.
I have a Master Burrows, a Mr Burrows, and a PAPA Burrows, who is the DADDY of all butt plugs, or so my arse thinks. I am pretty sure I cringe when I even look at it in the toy bag.

I was also instructed to sit on a chair, or other surface every 5 minutes and bounce up and down.

I can hear you say "What the FUCK??"

I said that too, but I also know better than to argue, so instead I said "Yes Master" and did as I was told.

I will add at this stage, that for some unknown and highly unusual reason, I havent really been horny for about 2 weeks, which is when I saw Master last. And even more unusual is, I havent masturbated in all that time.

So to my surprise, this bouncing on the edge of the bed (due to children in every other available room) had me dripping wet and horny in about 3 bounces.

Anal sex is not one of the things I crave the most, and even as little as 3 months ago, was a dreaded thing at best. But one of those things I did JUST to please HIM.

This time I was aching for it, the feeling of this plug filling my arse, which is reserved for Master, and sitting at just such an angle that it moved as I bounced, slowly gliding in and out, and I soon worked out that if I tilted my hips at just the moment, that every time I moved downwards, that it caused my pussy to clench and before too long I was on the verge of my very first anal orgasm.

My 5 minutes bouncing was up, and I reported back as per normal, but added that all of a sudden I was horny, and I if in the case, that it seemed as if I had disappeared, that I could be found bouncing on the bed and was intending to let dinner burn until I had gotten myself off.

Wrong move.

The following instruction then appeared.

"well tonight you will make the aquaintance of the hitachi and whilst wearing the medium butt plug, fuck that cunt of yours hard until you come, thinking of your Masters cock in your arse"

Ohhhhhhhhhh Boy.

That statement alone had my pussy clenching that hard that I nearly came while standing there.

The thought of His cock in me, and the Hitachi on my clit, had me shivering, shaking, and wondering how soon I could bribe the kids into going to bed, or whether I might be able to lock them in a room with loud music to cover the noise of the Hitachi and the sound of me moaning.

Bedtime came, the porn got turned on, and I was set and ready to come, and determined to come hard.

Towel down ( I have been turned into a squirter) Hitachi plugged in, Butt plug at the ready, and I was set.

I was still wet from the earlier session with the butt plug, so I used the juices still running from me to lube the plug, and got it inserted. I also started playing with the hitachi, but was yet to switch it on, I was enjoying the porn I had on, before long I got to the point I flipped that switch.......

Within ohhhh, about a minute, maybe a minute and a half later, I unexpectedly found myself squirmed to the top of the bed, with my head pressed against the bed head, the Hitachi buried deep inside me, the butt plug half out of me and a uncontrollable urge to see if I could make myself cum again straight away.

4 orgasms later, I came back to earth, with the Hitachi vibrating on the bed between my legs, and the butt plug no where to be found.

I had all good intentions of getting up afterwards, and typing a post for the blog while the details were fresh and the pleasure still rolling through me, but after 5 orgasms in about the same amount of minutes, I was not leaving that bed for anything, and was all of a sudden glad Master wasnt there to make me get up and get Him something, cos all I managed to do was switch the tv off, push the hitachi off the side of the bed to land on the floor, and I rolled over and passed out.

I am pretty sure they werent anal orgasms, but I am now certainly looking forward to finally having one, something I never thought would ever happen, and if I truly think about it, I am pretty sure that anal sex was on the list of soft limits.......wonder how that happened......